AAM's New Name

November 14, 2012

As the Audit Bureau of Circulations continued to evolve in media verification, they realized their brand identity needed to change. Thus, they became the Alliance for Audited Media or AAM. AAM maintains the lead in cross-media standards, audit services, and data critical to the advertising and publishing industries. Advancements in the media industry have expanded AAM's role across many different platforms, including digital publishing, print media brands, email newsletters, social media, tablet and smartphone apps, and websites. Their refreshed image should better suit their position in these fields.

With a transformation of this scale, though, comes a lot of work on the company's part. A new logo, new branding, and new websites (for both the US and Canada) had to be created. Here's where liQuidprint stepped in. AAM has tons and tons of information available to their visitors and members through their website. They have over 1,000 pages worth of info, and that number will only continue to grow with time as AAM seeks to provide these resources to their users whenever they need it. liQuidprint's main goal for this project was to create a comprehensive information architecture strategy as well as a simple navigation system to allow users an easily and logically navigated web experience. We wanted visitors to the site to be able to find what they were looking for without a struggle and to be able to move throughout other areas of the site.

Another crucial element in developing this site was providing the client with a content management system that allowed for the constant addition of pages of information, the ability to publish certain pages at certain times and for particular durations, and the ability to easily add or remove employee contact information from the site. All of this is possible through the use of Umbraco, which was the CMS chosen for AAM. Now managing their news releases and white papers is a cinch. Updating their blog is also a much smoother process. Both the US and Canada sites can be managed through Umbraco thanks to our programmers great work as well. All in all, Umbraco was the perfect choice for this website.

AAM also wanted a way to improve upon the search capabilities of their site. Smart tagging was something they were interested in. A lot of the Alliance for Audited Media's information is categorized by certain constituents: newspapers, magazines, business publications, media buyers, and digital. So liQuidprint programmed the site to draw new pages and information tagged to these constituents into one place for users looking for information across the website related to a particular constituency more easily. These tagged pages can be reached at any time while browsing AAM's site as they are located directly below the top bar navigation.

Another interesting feature liQuidprint incorporated with the Alliance for Audited Media's new site was tabulated information. AAM provides their users with many guides as a resource for the information dealing with various media verification topics. To better organize these areas of the website, liQuidprint created tabs to structure these guides. An example of this work can be seen by clicking here. This feature should guide readers through each guide in a more appealing manner.

Lots of programming and content structuring went into building AAM's new site, and we had to make sure everything was done correctly in order to ensure that the company's name change and transformation occurred in the most positive way. View AAM's new site for yourself at . Also, if you'd like to find out more about how a liQuidprint website can generate better results for your business, please .