King Fisher

Increasing your clientele is a common goal, and for King Fisher Technical Sales, LLC this could only happen if they had the website to backup their abilities.

Jim Rigney is a Manufacturer's Representative who started his company Kingfisher Technical Sales, LLC two years ago. Today he is looking to expand his business and to accomplish this goal Jim had the belief it had to start with his website representation.

As many websites look to achieve, the website needed to improve their Requests for Quotes (RFQs) submissions ending in increased sales numbers.  So Jim reached out to liQuidprint to offer creative and technical expertise while implementing a new site.  It came clear, offering a RFQ button on every page of the site so users are never more then a click away from requesting a quote.

Jim had 5 other objectives for the site.

  • Improve the usability of the site
  • Easily understood responsiveness details for any RFQs submitted
  • Appeal to his consumer base
  • Appeal to clients
  • Provide important and relevant information on services and industry knowledge

In the end, liQuidprint designed a site which accurately portrays Jim's business and professional identity.

Finally, Jim needed to be setup with an email address based on his domain and using Google Apps Gmail service which offers 24/7 email access and guarantees 99.9% uptime.