Insights In Marketing

Insights In Marketing took their qualitative and quantitative research to liQuidprint and asked us to design a website displaying their company growth, communicating their capabilities and achievements.

Insights in Marketing, founded in 1989, is a marketing consulting firm that specializes in the management of qualitative and quantitative projects to address strategic marketing issues. Their clients benefit by receiving incisive marketing and strategic perspectives, resulting in more informed and better marketing decisions.  This time they did the research for themselves, resulting in hiring liQuidprint to design and develop a fresh new website that emphasizes their growth and communicates their capabilities and achievements.

To highlight their expertise liQuidprint decided it was imparative the site became more engaging and interesting across the board.  Users needed to be intrigued from the getgo, discovering why they needed the services of Insights In Marketing instantaneously.  This notion was then communicated through the design and structure of the site, beginning with the home page.

When the project began, Insights In Marketing was beginning to really expand on their online presence through multiple mediums.  To continue in this effort liQuidprint created several videos and posted them across the site adding engagement opportunities to the user.  The website became their hub of information sharing, distribution and social networking.  Insights In Marketing has the complete ability to update and manage all their content to keep up to date with any growth in the future.

Insights In Marketing purpose is to grow clients' businesses by providing insightful, impactful solutions to their marketing issues, something we at liQuidprint was striving for as we designed, developed and programmed their site.