Fonville Morisey

The new website needs to encompass several aspects but most importantly; a brand image, clean and simple layout and continue as the premier real estate website in the Triangle.

Fonville Morisey has been the premier real estate website in The Triangle (North Carolina) for some time, but they didn't want that to end.  Their previous site was out-dated and lacking the organization and structure a site with its magnitude needed.  This is not an uncommon problem as many companies out grow their website which typically ends with a non user friendly experience.  Something Fonville Morisey was beginning to understand all to well.

That's when they joined forces with liQuidprint.  The goal was to maintain their image as a leader, but incorporate several new features and extend a new brand and feel to the company.  So that's what we set out to do.  Starting with the design we started from the ground up with their site architecture and all their previous features.  There was a strong need to have a custom CMS (content management system) tool, which was granted, built to allow for any new content and property details to easily be posted by their many agents. Real estate websites are not in the business of wasting time dealing with html, so it was quite important to keep the conssitent structure for all the agents to simply add copy or data where needed without needing to know any code.

Finally, as most real estate websites are concerned with, the site had to keep all of Fonville Morisey's top search engine rankings from pre-launch to post-launch.  We tested and tested several url formats to determine a winner among property detail pages.  Then incorporated all the key components of SEO so no rankings would even think about dropping.

Today, Fonville Morisey ( has a new website which users aren't afraid to use and generates leads.  They have a new brand image to incorporate into all their other marketing pieces into.  And most importantly, they have a website which can grow as the company grows.

The Team