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    Social Recruiting for Job Seekers

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    Even though unemployment rates have begun to decrease, finding a job in the professional world is still a long, difficult process. While the journey can be dismal at times, there are shifts in today's job searching methods that may be the light at the end of the tunnel for the unemployed. For one, social media's revolutionary effect on online interaction has made companies reevaluate how they're recruiting employees. In fact, through a poll conducted by TweetMyJobs.com, it is reported that 29% of job seekers today are using social media as their main job searching tool and that 45% of companies plan on investing more money into social recruiting for 2012. With all of the social media available out there today, though, where should job seekers begin?

    The most obvious first choice is LinkedIn, a network built to connect professionals throughout the world. LinkedIn's "Jobs" tab allows members to create job searches much like a job board but by also including people in your network that currently work with the companies, which allows job seekers to take one step further. Members can search companies they're interested in, find employees of those companies--like the hiring manager--,and contact those people directly, possibly giving them a leg up on the competition who is merely emailing in a resume with no sincere connection. LinkedIn also has a "Groups" tab. By joining relevant groups, members can take part in discussions and polls that might gain them positive recognition. Members can also choose to receive regular emails from these groups, which usually include job postings by other members.

    Facebook has added some applications similar to LinkedIn that provide many of the same benefits. BranchOut and BeKnown are the two most prevalent right now. Job seekers should also navigate to companies' pages where job listings might also be found. If not, interacting with companies you're interested in can bode well for your professional image.

    Twitter shouldn't be overlooked when searching for employment either. It's important to follow the companies you'd like a job at as they will most likely tweet about open positions. Additionally, there are many accounts dedicated to solely tweeting job listings, such as @TwitHire, @eBC_Jobs, @InternSushi, and @ChicagoRecruitr. Trending topics can be instrumental in a job search as well. Hashtags like #chicagojobs or #internships can streamline a search into a more organized compilation of opportunities. Some Twitter applications even track certain keywords and/or usernames and send email updates consistently about your selected criteria.

    Other social media sites may offer help to job seekers as well. However, sometimes websites fall into certain job niches so be sure to understand which social media is most popular for your work industry. For example, Google+ is said to be a great place for tech jobs while Pinterest may be a great outlet for those in design, interior decorating, or fashion. Anyone unsure of where to look should discover where companies they'd like to work at have the most social presence and use those websites to job search.

    Perhaps your job hunt enthusiasm has just spiked at all the new and exciting approaches you can now take, or perhaps you're exhausted by the thought of yet more job hunting. Whatever the case, social recruiting is not to be taken lightly. It offers branding as well as produces more applications and referrals for companies; something that companies will definitely be capitalizing on soon, and with the way social media is rapidly evolving, who knows how else your job search will be affected.

    Social Recruiting for Job Seekers

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    • By Jamie on Tuesday, April 17, 2012

      Community Managemer

      Great post! Social media is becoming a great resource for job hunting for recruiters and candidates alike. Profile information allows you to give much more information than a resume, so a lot of companies are turning to these networks, especially Facebook, with apps like http://work4labs.com Work for Us that post jobs directly to their pages. It looks like your company's on the rise...how have you been advertising your open positions?

    • By Lauren Smith on Thursday, April 19, 2012

      Ascendify Social Recruting Platform

      Hi Gianna, Great article. It's astounding that 45% of companies plan to invest more in social recruiting this year. With the unemployment rate on the decline, it's an extremely hot market. Would love to show you a demo of the Ascendify Social Recruiting platform. We aim to improve the candidate experience for job seekers by leveraging all social networks, and creating tailored micro communities. Shoot me an email if you're interested. Thanks, Lauren

    • By yvette on Thursday, April 19, 2012


      Please tell me how I can actually land a job with facebook. i've read aout socialmediawork but no one has explained it to me. Is it possible to actually land a good job?

    • By lQp on Thursday, April 19, 2012


      If you're looking to use Facebook as your tool, then you should look into the application called "Branch Out." It functions much like LinkedIn. Also, find companies you'd like to work for on Facebook, and keep an eye out for job listings or information about employees you could get in touch with about a job. Good luck!


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