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    Retail Content Heavily Accessed Amongst Smartphone Users

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    Did you know that this past summer 4 in 5 smartphone users opened retail content? Based off a study conducted by comScore in July, 80.6% of American smartphone owners used their devices to access retail content. Tweet this stat!

    Of the retail sites most accessed, Amazon took the lead with 49.6 million visitors. eBay followed with 32.6 million visitors. Apple, Walmart, and Target followed behind that. Comparison retail sites also experienced a large attraction of visitors. Shopkick, which is an app that uses SoLoMo marketing techniques, had more than four million smartphone users in July. Across all of these retailers and/or marketers, iPhone users seemed to visit these types of sites more than Android users.

    In general, it was discovered that smartphone users prefer to shop on a mobile-optimized sites (51%) rather than through mobile apps (45%). Tweet this stat!

    This kind of data could be very instrumental for any e-commerce website in existence today. It's clear that mobile-optimization for your website is necessary, but here are some hard facts to back that theory up. Also, knowing what your customers might prefer can help you decide how best to format your site for smart devices. With the continued rise of smartphones and tablets, the need for an appropriate site design is even more important.

    If you'd like to read about comScore's study in more detail, check out the Marketing Charts article that covers it by clicking here.

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