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    Mobile Shopper Facts

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    It is said that people look at their phones about once every 6.5 minutes. That's around 150 times a day. Most of these are to check for texts or emails, but mobile web browsing has spiked as well, and mobile shopping is a part of that. Mobile shoppers are incorporating their smartphones into their purchasing habits more and more, and Mashable.com described seven great facts on the matter.

    Any e-commerce business could stand to learn a few things from this article. Providing an effortless and convenient experience for your mobile shoppers is only part of what you should be doing.

    To read the full article, "7 Surprising Facts About Mobile Shoppers," click here.

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    • By Lara on Wednesday, June 06, 2012

      You've mangaed a first class post

      You've mangaed a first class post


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