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    Blogs Drive Interest, Freshness & Traffic To Your Website

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    Blogs have been exploding on the Internet since about 1998. Today, blogs have almost practically become the face of mainstream media. Blogs are a way to share a company's commentary and opinions as well as company information like innovations, promotions, events, news, etc. In recent years, businesses have grown more accustomed to adding blogs to their websites because of their cost effectiveness and ability to reach large amounts of individuals.

    Here are some reasons a company should consider blogging:

    • Start up costs are minimal.
    • The writing format is informal, they can provide a friendly, helpful feel to readers.
    • Readers have the ability to post comments which gives the company a way to converse back and forth with their users.
    • Blogs provide the company with a voice against traditional media. They allow a company to take media news into their own hands adding their own opinions or comments.
    • They are beneficial towards search engine optimization (SEO) efforts via fresh, unique and relevant content.
    • Allow users to see you're up to date with any of the latest headlines or trends in your industry.  While most of your site is full of relatively static content, your blog is fresh and new.
    • Gives your readers another reason to come back to your website, which can only help with your sales process.

    Blogs aren't hard to maintain and often take less then 5 minutes to publish once the article is written. They don't require a web expert to facilitate each post or be present upon creation. Most blog interfaces have very basic content management system (CMS) tools to help you post information quickly and not be bogged down by html issues.

    Tips to to consider when writing blogs:

    • Write Often: A blog that is updated daily has a higher chance of keeping a steady active audience to communicate with. Keeping a steady audience can enhance the sharing of the company's content with others, thus driving additional readers to your site.  At the very least you need to update the blog at least once a month.  If time and resources are limited once a week should be your goal.  If optimizing your website for search engines, 5 days a week is the goal.
    • Think about the Audience: In order to keep the attention of readers the company must incorporate broad topics users can relate to and comprehend. Keep news as relevant to the company and its products/services as much as possible.  When news breaks, mention the news and how it effects your users and the company.
    • Don't Over Do It: Blogs that are too long won't be read effectively. Keep them short and simple.  If you do feel the blog needs to be long, make sure to cite data and examples to keep the reader involved throughout the article.
    • Spell Check: Nothing is worse than noticing a grammar or spelling error days after a blog was published, but after several of your core users read it. Errors like these invalidate your content and the company if it happens often.  This is a sign you aren't educated and/or don't care enough to edit your material.
    • Provide Links: Proof is one of the biggest criteria asked for by readers. Consumers don't want to be apart of lies and deceit, provide links to information to further ensure what the blog is talking about.  Links also can help you as a company.  Link to pages of the website which can drive users through your funnel path increasing sales.

    Blogs have the ability to enhance traffic to a company's website. The more often you post the more often they show up in search engines, thus driving more traffic to the site.  Blogs are often passed around from industry professional to industry professional because of the unique and relevant content that is being written.

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